Richards of Cornwall - Quality Cornish Bulbs

History Our family has farmed in and around Hayle, Cornwall since the early 1900's. At that time we reared beef, milked cows and grew vegetables for both local and wholesale markets. Grandfather Richards started the business.


Daffodil Picking

We finished picking flowers this year on 20th April. The winter started as one of the mildest we can remember bringing the crop early. This resulted in picking before Christmas one of our earliest ever starts.

Strawberry Picking

We are looking to start picking on the 4th May this year. As the weather is still relatively cold the crop is running a little late. The fruit looks good and with a little more sunshine will soon be here.

Raspberry Planting

We finished planting on the 12th April this year as it was still cold enough we were in no rush to plant. They seemed to take well and are growing away nicely.

Blackberry Planting

For the first time this year we have planted some Blackberries as a result of lots asking for them last year. They should be ready from the mid to end July.

Barley Drilling

Drilling started late this year due to the wet winter and cold conditions. Drilling finished on 20th April so we now have fingers crossed that the weather warms up to get the seed established.


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